Institutional Research Data Request Form

Please note: It takes a minimum of 72 (working) hours to thoroughly review a data request. In some instances, given the nature of the request, additional time may be required. This timeframe can be adjusted for special circumstances, such as grant deadlines, legislative requests and other high priority requests.

After your Data Request Form is submitted, you will be sent a confirmation email to let you know the request has been received. The request is then reviewed and approved or denied by the Vice President for Administrative Services. If approved, your request will be processed with a minimal response period of 72 working hours.

The type of information that Operations Analysis and Research can provide includes:

  • Official Enrollment and Headcount Information
  • Graduation and Retention Rates
  • Faculty Headcount
  • Historical Data
  • Degrees Conferred
  • Other Statistical Data

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Demographics Student ID Male Female Non-Hispanic Hispanic
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Term Entry Continuing Full-Time Part-Time
Level Undergraduate Graduate Professional
Classification Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Master's Doctorate Professional Certificate
Student Type First-time Freshman Continuing Readmit International Transfer
Area College School Major Sports Code
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