Office of the Provost - Hiring Process for Full-Time Faculty

If there is an available faculty position in a department, the chairperson, through his dean, can submit a request to fill the vacancy to the Exceptions Committee.  After receiving approval from the committee, the chairperson can fill a vacancy by completing the following steps:

  1. Advertise for the position – Using departmental funds, deans can advertise vacancies in national disciplinary journals and higher education journals such as the Chronicle of Higher Education and Diversity in Higher Education.  Deans may also email their advertisement to the Executive Assistant to the Provost who will post the ad on the Hampton University website.
  2. Interview – Once a candidate has been determined, the individual may be brought to the campus to be interviewed by the chairperson, dean, and assistant provost.  
  3. Request for Contract – If the interview is successful, the chairperson can move forward with the Request for Contract form.   The chairperson recommends a salary based on the applicant's salary history, education and experience and then forwards it to his/her dean for consideration. The dean, then, forwards it to the Provost for approval with the documents named below.  If the individual is not a citizen of the United States, the Citizenship Verification Form must be completed before the hiring process can begin. Do not submit the hiring packet without each of the items listed below.
    1. Approved Faculty Interview Sheet (completed by the Assistant Provost)
    2. Federal and state tax withholding forms 
    3. I-9 form
    4. Pages 19 and 20 of the Intellectual Property Rights document as well as the acknowledgement page.
    5. Letters of Reference (three originals submitted on business letterhead)
    6. Official Transcript of highest degree (A copy is accepted until the official transcript is received.)
    7. Hampton University Application to Hire
    8. Resume/Vita
    9. Documentation of Faculty Qualifications form
    10. Approval memo from the Office of Human Resources regarding the background check/drug-pre screening (The individual must visit the Office of Human Resources regarding the pre-employment drug screening and background check.)
    11. Citizenship Verification Form (If the individual is not a citizen of the United States, follow the instructions on the Citizenship Verification Form.)
    12. New Faculty Information Sheet

NOTE REGARDING I-9 FORM: Review the instructions provided for filling out the I-9 form. All sections of the I-9 form must be completed by the third day of employment. After viewing the original identification provided by the new hire, attach a copy to the form. New hires who do not have the required documents with them should be sent home to get the documents and should not be allowed to work until satisfactory documents are produced and the I-9 form is complete.